BRAND is about something that comes from within.

Infinitybellatrend is an online women’s shop located in Stockholm Sweden.

I have a passion for fashion!

Fashion is more than what meets the eye!

It’s two mystery’s linking together in mind, body and soul.

It’s a statement, my statement, your statement, our statement!

It’s an artistic expression from the depths of our reality – brought to life through colours, linens and more!

I started Infinity Bella Trend because I love colours. To me, colours are very important because it makes me feel so unique and special so I would like to share my love for colour through styling and dressing women’s in colours that make them feel alive, creative, beautiful and confident.

I’m into fashion and I love clothes, jewellery, shoes and everything style. I have to admit, fashion is everything to me. and I have a passion for doing what I love as it makes me feel good and more importantly, beautiful.

Our mission is to inspire all women around the world to feel unique. I will customize my clothing to fit every woman’s need and size – ensuring every woman has access to premium quality and the right fit.

I make sure my clothes fit every woman.

Nice clothing is the best therapy for every woman.

Whenever I feel great, I can do everything and anything.

Great moments inspire my imagination and bring peace to my mind thus energizing me and allowing me to create amazing, unique and fashionable designs.

I believe fashion reflects who you are, what you feel and where you are going.

Infinity Bella Trend: You’re Special!