The Story

Infinity Bella Trend is based on fashion designs.

It’s colourful, powerful, intense and brings ou simple the fashion design KHANGA.

Khanga is a light east African cotton fabric printed with coloured designs – used mainly for women’s clothing. It is rectangular in shape with a border all around it and is printed in bold designs and bright colours.

Khanga introduces eastern African culture originating from coastal areas like Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Bagamoyo, and Mombasa.

It is often bought in pairs and is usually worn in the most attractive and useful way.

It can be worn anywhere.

People love wearing it every day when at home and even on the street as it is both a form of loungewear and a day to day item for walking the streets.

Another striking feature of khanga is the Swahili saying that is usually printed on it. These sayings include proverbs, slogans and aphorisms that mainly reflect our Swahili culture, values, material and spoken art.

These sayings must be understood in our cultural and social contexts. For example, khanga can be worn at a funeral but women always make sure the sayings on it are encouraging and give hope to the family members so it consoles them.

Women wearing a khanga is very common during these times.

When a new baby is born, he or she will be wrapped in a khanga. Also, brides on their wedding day are given a khanga as a gift from older women to symbolise they have entered a new chapter in their life.

Teenage girls are also given a khanga when they reach a certain age as a symbol of their maturity and development into adulthood.

Nowadays, the khanga has turned into a fashion staple like dresses, blouses, scarves and skirts – allowing women to have the freedom to express themselves and their culture without feeling judged or out of place.

It is very normal for east African women to own more than 50 pairs of khanga’s and still buy a new khanga when they see one.

The Khanga is a symbol of tradition for the East African woman.